Great Websites for Retirees

My Favorite Senior Living/Retiree Links

I’ve been busy studying all sorts of websites and blogs for useful information to pass along and there are a number of sites that are outstanding. They aren’t necessarily focused on jobs or working for yourself, but they’re filled with good information that will tweak your imagination…even if you’re just now exploring the idea of retiring,

I’m listing them in no particular order, actually.

Small Town Living

Small Town Living

Small Town – A site to explore if you’re considering a move.  Here’s a quote in their own words:

This site is a great resource for 55+ adults exploring the advantages of small town living. We display the best retirement towns. Get ready to start living the small town life you want and deserve.

A list of the 10 Best Cities for Retirement on the website range from warm climates to cold climates and are spread all across the United States. They’ve also listed the 10 worst cities!  Worth checking out, for sure.

US News has another list worth a look: Best Countries for a Comfortable Retirement.  Ireland, Australia, Italy, Canada, Spain and Sweden are just a few.

Retirement – Only the Beginning –  The link I’ve posted here gives 10 Tips to Stretch Your Retirement Savings.  Dave Bernard is the blogger.  He has written more than 300 posts for the US News and World Report blog and has written I Want to Retire – Essential Considerations for the Retiree To Be

Education CloudMarc & Angel Hack Life – Marc and Angel are not anywhere near retirement but their popular personal development blog is chock full of great information.

When you click on the link to their blog, you’ll be pulling up one of their posts well worth bookmarking. It’s 12 Dozen Places to Educate Yourself Online for FreeIf you can’t find one that is perfect for you…well, I give up!

Get Back To Work SignJobs for Boomers – 9 links for possible employment for retirees.  I haven’t checked all of them out, yet so if you do, please leave a comment for me.

AARP Member Discounts – If you haven’t checked out this link, yet, you owe it to yourself to do so.  Many of these discounts aren’t advertised so it’s a good idea to check the link from time to time.

Freelancers Union – Did you know there are 53 million independent workers in the United States? If you’re a retiree who is launching a freelance business, you should do yourself a favor and join this amazing group.  Sara Horowitz founded Freelancers Union in 1995 to give independent workers a voice and support in so many areas. 

Sara recognized that one of the biggest challenges independent workers face is their lack of access to affordable health insurance. To help solve this problem, Sara in 2008 launched Freelancers Insurance Company, a social-purpose business wholly owned by the union providing independent workers with high-quality, affordable, and portable health insurance.

The union’s National Benefits Platform, launched in 2014, now helps freelancers across America access benefits like health insurance, 401(k), and life, liability, dental, and disability insurance.

Source: Freelancers Union – About Sara Horowitz

I’m still researching websites that are specifically geared toward the pre or post retirement lifestyle. I’ll be adding to this page from time to time.  In the meantime, please let me know your thoughts on this post.  Do you have any websites that you particularly like?  I’m happy to add them to this page.

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