How to Easily Create a Website

By | February 8, 2018

How to Start a Blog

Imagine putting your expertise to work earning an income after you retire.

You can do that!  Create a website relevant to your expertise or passion and you’re on your way.

You can do that long before you retire, actually.

A website or blog is your online business card, so to speak.   It’s how you get your name and your company and/or your service or your product in the public eye.

In a recent post on Work From Home IdeasI discussed the possibility of turning a hobby or your work experience into a blog and then monetizing it by selling your product or by employing affiliate marketing. I will show you two ways to easily create a website for these purposes.

Two Ways to Create A Website

There are two ways to start a site or a blog.  The first one requires more time and possibly more money but it’s not difficult.  The second way to start a site is my personal choice(affiliate link)

First Method:

Once you have determined what your niche is and who your audience will be, you can start working on your website/blog.

Here are the steps:

Name Cheap Screen Shot1) Choose a name for your site. Choose something unique but relevant to your niche.

Finding a niche and choosing a name for your site using a keyword research tool such as Jaaxy (affiliate) ensures that you will have a site that ranks high with Google as long as you continue to produce quality content often.

Purchase a domain name from a provider such as NameCheap, GoDaddy, etc.  There will be a space for you to enter your chosen name to search for availability.

If it’s available, purchase it as either a .com or .net or .org which are the most popular.  I wouldn’t use any other extension because it’s just going to be more difficult for you to be found.

If the name isn’t available, try adding “the” or “a” before the name to see if that will work.

You shouldn’t have to pay more than about $10 per year for a domain name.  And many times there are discounts to be had.

tumbler graph2) Choose a blogging or site hosting platform – like WordPress (my choice), Blogger, etc.

If you use the platform’s extension (i.e. or it’s typically free.

If you decide you want your own site which will give you more control over the design, content, etc., the cost of hosting a blog varies considerably. Anywhere from $3.00 per month to $15.00 per month, give or take a few dollars.

You’ll have a choice of templates regardless of the host (more choices if you don’t go with the free extension) but browse through them all to see what catches your eye and/or what would be appropriate for your business.

3) Register with your host and follow the guides to setting up your blog or site.

I should say that the difference between a website and a blog is mostly that a website has fixed pages with perhaps minimal updating from time to time.

A blog may have a number of fixed pages (About Me, Contact Us, etc.) but, for the most part, it’s updated with posts several times a week.

The downside of this first method is that you won’t have a lot of guidance with all of the decisions you need to make to get your site up and running.


Second Method: And my #1 choice, is to start your site through Wealthy Affiliate.  

  1. There’s a free starter membership which gives you free web hosting to two sites!  The idea is that you will set up a blog/site in just a few minutes. (And you will never be asked for a credit card!)
  2. The four simple steps to getting started with your free website are:
    • Choose an interest
    • Build a website
    • Attract visitors
    • Earn revenue
  3. You will be guided step-by-step through the entire process…from choosing your perfect niche and purchasing the a domain name to setting up the site.
  4. You will have superior guidance from the minute you join.

The hands-on getting started training includes 5 levels of Certification Courses each with ten lessons and assignments to complete.

A Premium membership costs just $47 per month or just $359 per year which is truly a bargain for all you receive (see chart).

But that’s totally up to you.  There is absolutely no upselling…it’s simply offered to you and whatever you decide is perfectly fine.

So even if you don’t want to go Premium, you will have two websites all set up and ready for you to start your online business.  You will always have those two sites so there is absolutely nothing to lose.  It makes so much sense.

My first site is Small Space Decor Ideas.  If you’ve read my profile, you’ll know that I’m an accredited home stager and a former realtor.  Interior design has always been a passion of mine.  I’m a dedicated DIYer, too, and try to Repurpose, Reuse and Recycle whenever possible.

So when I retired and wanted to continue with my expertise, starting a website to help people make the most of living in a small space just made sense!

Street in GeorgetownWealthy Affiliate helped me to do that.  I haven’t looked back.

If you’re not ready to go Premium, no worries!  You’ll have your two websites and so much information to set you on your path to an additional retirement income. There is no upselling on Wealthy Affiliate, at all. You’re given the options and you make the decisions.

The support is second to none and I can say that truthfully and confidently.

The community is top notch with everyone so willing to help answer any question you might have.  I don’t believe I’ve ever had to wait more than a few minutes after posting a question before receiving multiple answers!

Check it out HERE. You owe it to yourself!  You’ll be glad you did. And whatever you decide, I wish you all the best.

Please leave a comment for me…I’d love your feedback and how you have decided to proceed.

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