How to Travel the World on a Budget

By | November 16, 2018

globe and planeTravel the World and Earn an Income!

Think you can’t travel the world on a budget? Well, think again!

I’m going to tell you how you can travel the world while earning an income.

Housesitting is the key.

So…what’s the incentive?

Perks, perks and more perks!  

The best perk of all is free lodging in all sorts of exotic locations, if you like!

Eiffel Tower


South Africa





…these are just a few of the requests I saw posted, today, for housesitters.  Seriously…you could apply for one of these housesits, right now!

Who Would Want To House or Pet Sit?

Our incentive?  Warm winters!

  1. Since summers are beautiful in Minnesota (well, except for the mosquitos) we chose to housesit in the winter and only travel to mild climates. Makes perfect sense.
  2. We loved housesitting because we were semi-retired and had a small business that didn’t need much attention.
  3. Additionally, we had a daughter living in Los Angeles, California, so we discovered several assignments in the Los Angeles that allowed us to spend a month or more near her while having our own living quarters.
  4. Can you imagine how much we would have spent on lodging in Los Angeles for more than a month?   Yikes!

Housesitting was the answer for us. It was perfect.

It might just be perfect for you, too!

If you’re retired, it’s a fun way to see the world for very little money. It’s also a great idea for:

  • writers
  • artists
  • school teachers  (Traveling during summer vacation would be fun for the whole family.)
  • Freelancers of just about any profession

I know of a writer in the Los Angeles area who does long term housesits all over the world. Not only does she have the opportunity to visit other countries for very little cost, she gains valuable inspiration for her writing.

What’s In It For The House/Pet Sitter?

Catalina Island

Catalina Island, California

In return for the free lodging, you will most likely have pets to care for.  But that’s a small price to pay, I think.

Kennels or professional pet sitters are expensive and the pets are much more comfortable in their own homes. Less stress for the pet and less stress for the pet owner.

Enter is a secure and confidential online search and screen database for house sitters and homeowners. It allows homeowners to travel and leave their troubles behind.

And the service is very easy to use.

For instance, when a homeowner registers with the system (a free service), they will be notified by e-mail any time a new house sitter matching their criteria signs up with the program.

Housesitters, in turn, are motivated to register because of the fast and reliable way in which they can find free accommodations in exchange for housesitting. The only expense, for the most part, is the cost of travel.

Houses on Walk Street

Walk Street in Manhattan Beach, California

One of our favorite assignments was in Manhattan Beach, California. Two gorgeous, well-behaved Siberian Huskies were our charges in a beautiful home just blocks from the beach.

The house was on a “walk street”…which means that cars aren’t allowed.  You can see from this photo that I took from one of the decks, that the ocean was right there!

We were asked back four years in a row and gladly accepted.

HouseCarersHow To Apply For a Housesitting Assignment

If you see an interesting request for a housesitter on, don’t hesitate to request more information.

Here’s an example of something I would write:

Hi there,

My husband and I are very interested in taking care of your pets and your home while you are traveling. As you’ll see by our profile, we are experienced housesitters/pet sitters and can provide excellent references.

If you haven’t already booked a sitter, please let me know. Tell us a little more about your plans, your pets and what you would require in a house/pet sitter. We could also visit by telephone if you like. Thanks, much. Hope to hear from you soon.

Cheryl K.

Ink PenJust because you are applying for a housesit doesn’t mean you’ll have to accept it if it’s offered to you. You need to learn more about the responsibilities expected of you plus location, exact timeframe, etc.

The application is simply a notice that you are interested in discussing it further.

Your references will be different if you’re applying for your first assignment. Choose a couple of personal references from friends who have known you for a long time. You could also include a reference from business associates. We have a good friend who is the Comptroller of a large company so we used him as a reference for our first application.

Where In The World Would You Go? – All things being equal…

lavender fields in franceWell, just about anywhere in the world…

HouseCarers is based in Australia and there are dozens of opportunities there. All over Europe, too – Italy, France, the British Isles…the possibilities are endless.

Where Is Your Dream Housesit Location?

  • France
  • Italy
  • The U.K.
  • Spain
  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • North America

Remote Jobs for Additional Income

There are many excellent avenues for earning an income while traveling anywhere in the world!

It’s perfect for:

  • Photographers
  • Translators
  • Tutors
  • Writers
  • Bloggers
  • Tour Guides
  • Voice Over Artists

Become a Virtual Assistant

Are you or have you been (just to name a few):

  • a writer
  • a photographer
  • tech savvy
  • an admin. assistant
  • a social media guru

If the answer is “yes” to any of these professions or any other marketable skill that you may have, you are halfway there! A huge majority of businesses rely on virtual assistants to help manage their workload.

Entrepreneurs are a major force in the business world, as well. Many entrepreneurs are experts in their fields but many lack the knowledge or desire to tackle the day-to-day tasks that are paramount to a successful career.

Enter you and your expertise!

  • Administrative Support
  • Website/Blog Maintenance
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Maintenance
  • Customer Service

Becoming a virtual assistant is the path to this career. I can tell you that there’s nothing like being your own boss wherever you are on your own schedule.

I completed an excellent course on this profession…30 Days or less to Virtual Assistant Success.

Honestly, it covers virtually everything you need to know and includes bonuses like a FREE 150+ Virtual Assistant Services that you can offer.

Totally worth checking out, don’t you think?

Affiliate Marketing

Enter Wealthy Affiliate (affiliate)

If you’ve already got a work-at-home profession,  you’re way ahead of the game.  You can work from anywhere.

That’s me.  I’m retired.  I do affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate is my basecamp, so to speak.  It’s my vehicle for a supplemental income.  So I can travel anywhere in the world.  I can work anywhere in the world.

Learn how to turn a passion or your experience into an income stream. A business you can run from your home or anywhere in the world.

In my post How to Easily Create a Website, I walk you through two methods for setting up a website to get your business up and running.

Imagine lounging on a beach somewhere…Bali, maybe?  Or Italy?  Or the Caribbean? And using the internet to manage your online business…updating your website, for example.

sea-sky-beach-holiday-largeDon’t Forget To Have Fun!! – Planning Your Free Time

Of course, your first priorities are the house and the pets that you’ve agreed to care for. But there will always be time for fun, too.

If you’re in Europe or Asia or Africa or South America, you’ll never run out of famous landmarks or historic locations to explore.

If you’re in North America:

  • Check out the Visitor’s Guide on the city’s website.
  • Find out what events are going to be happening while you’re there.
  • Are there any State or National Parks to visit?
  • What about Historic Districts?
  • Check out museums and art galleries in the area.
  • Is there a symphony and is it in season?
  • Is there a Zoo?

So think about this amazing opportunity for travel on a budget.  It’s so worth checking out.

There is a wealth of information on the website.  Spend some time exploring that site. You’ll be impressed and ready to sign up for your first adventure.

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  • The Caretaker GazettePublished since 1983, this newsletter is a subscription-only publication but it’s a good source for locations. Some of the positions advertised are paid positions and many of them are long term.
  • Sabbatical HomesAcademics: Find homes for rent, apartment rentals, house swap and list your house for rent or home exchange when on sabbatical, leave or vacation.
  • Wikipedia Housesitting InformationA brief description of housesitting and pet sitting with the opportunity to edit/add relevant info.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Have you ever considered housesitting or pet sitting? I’m an experienced housesitter so if you’ve got questions, I’m here to answer them.

Thanks for visiting!

Cheryl Kohan




4 thoughts on “How to Travel the World on a Budget

  1. Cathy

    The first thing that came across my mind was working holiday and I had the opportunity to do one in New Zealand during college.

    I spent one month in Auckland helping out in chicken farm works and two weeks in Katikati picking kiwis. That was the most laborious experience ever, but I had a lot of fun learning what’s like to earn my own money and travel on a budget.

    I did manage to travel around New Zealand for a bit after that so it was great!

    1. CherylK Post author

      That’s awesome, Cathy! It is a fun way to travel, that’s for sure. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

  2. Kevin


    This is a very interesting article that I came across.

    These are great ideas that I never heard of. For example housesitting sounds a great choice to travel for cheap prices. Do you know anyone that has done this before successfully?

    I will definitely bookmark this page for my future vacations.

    1. admin

      Thank you, Kevin. My husband and I really enjoyed the experience. Click on the link in the post and you can read many reviews by others who find housesitting to be a great way to travel on a budget!


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