20 Ways to Earn Extra Money By Thinking-Outside-the-Box

By | February 25, 2019

Thinking outside the boxHow to Earn Extra Money by Thinking-Outside-the-Box

(Updated 4/24/2018)

There’s a good article in Money Talk News: “20 Odd Ways to Make Extra Money”.

The list includes unusual ideas like:

Sell Your Body 

i.e. your hair or your plasma!  Looks like you can bring in $15 – $40 for your plasma and if you’ve got the right kind of hair, you can garner big bucks!

Participate in a Clinical Trial

If you have a particular medical condition you can search for a clinical trial that will pay you to test your response to new treatments.

There are clinical trials looking for healthy people, as well.  Search for clinical trials here.

Sell Products or Services Online

You can sell your crafts or flea market items, etc. on eBay or Etsy. Think outside the box for something that appeals to you.

Other suggestions at that link are:

  • Walking dogs
  • Becoming a Translator
  • Customer Service Rep
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Focus Groups
  • House Sit 
  • Sell items on Ebay

So there are eight ideas to start with.  Read the article for several more…a couple of them might seem a bit strange, but according to the article, they’re legitimate!

  • Have you ever thought about something you’d love to do if money were no object?
  • Or something you’d do for free?
  • What if you could live anywhere you wanted?

Work from home scheduleThat’s thinking outside the box and the beauty of this is that, if you’re already retired these options are totally open to you!

These are also valid choices if you have another source of additional income because they’re generally income streams that work within a schedule that you might already have.

In my post Extra Income Opportunities, you’ll find suggestions for the chance of producing an immediate income while you’re working on your dream job.

Many of these jobs pay daily or weekly and are legitimate sources of income that you can do on your own schedule.  Selling your expertise via Fivvr is one option. Tutoring is another…transcription and data collection are two good sources. I’ve posted links in that post.

Retirement Jobs.com website for job search for people 50+

Important Precautions to Avoid Job Scams

There’s an employment scams alert at Retirement Jobs.Com.  There are warnings about work-from-home scams, self-employment and franchise scams.

And did you know that there are employment agencies that charge the job-seeker to help them find a job!  As Retirement Jobs.Com reports, there are plenty of legitimate employment agencies who make their money from the employers looking for help, not the other way around!

Register at their site to see all of the options including part time, full time and volunteer opportunities available for people 50+

How Thinking Outside-the-Box Worked for Me!

Terra cotta PlanterThat’s how I view this blog – it’s an income stream I can manage no matter what else is on my schedule or where I happen to be…enjoying the warmth of the Arizona sun or the beaches in California in the middle of winter, for example.

If you agree or have questions or if you’ve found other solutions by thinking outside the box, please leave a comment.

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Stay tuned!


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